Vintage Paris, curated vintage from Paris, Vintage clothes and accessories. French vintage. My mother-in-law.

My vintage affair has started with inheriting a beautiful collection of old clothes and accessories from my deceased mother-in-law. She was a gorgeous tiny Chinese woman-painter with an excellent aesthetic taste forged by 50 years of life in Paris. I was pleasantly surprised discovering that so many pieces of clothes were fitting to my not so Asian proportions. But yes, that was quite something: elegant styles, sophisticated patterns, some tailor-made and Asian-inspired pieces and a really good quality of the last century. Many pieces I keep preciously in my personal collection in remembrance of her.
     Since that time I have been in love with Vintage and here, in Vintage Gem, I want to share this passion with you. I like to mix and match vintage and new to stand out; or to add some vintage accessories to a modern outfit, creating a unique look. Through this boutique I want to show that it is easy to wear vintage every day and never have this “I look like a grandma” impression. I want everyone who wears vintage always to be elegant or fashionable while feeling comfortable and looking feminine. All the items in Vintage Gem are hand-picked by me all around France.
     By wearing vintage and encouraging you to do the same, I am happy to support the resale industry and to save our planet from the damage that fast-fashion consumption creates nowadays.
     VINTAGE GEM is curated in Paris, where I live and get fashion and art inspiration every day. I hope the Vintage Gems that you will find here will bring to you some great vibes from the streets of Paris and will make you feel unique.
Please enjoy your journey!